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To practise beating opposition by handling.


One ball per group.


Six players.


22 x 22 metre grid.


  1. The attacking players A, B and C are to attack with the ball, making use of the advantage the extra attacker allows them.
  2. The attacker who takes the gap is then confronted by player F who the attacking player can either attempt to beat alone or by using the support of the other attackers - no kicking.
  3. After D and E have been beaten they must, as is required by the coach, i) take no further part in the action or, ii) enter the action again but only from behind the try-line.


• The attacker with the ball must run straight and take the defender away from where the support is.
• The ball should be passed out in front of the receiver.
• Support players should surge onto the ball to get past the sliding defender.
• Defenders should attempt to isolate ball carrier and support to create a one-on-one situation.


  1. The practice can be repeated with the defenders varying their defence patterns.
  2. The starting positions of the defenders can be altered as can the type of defence i.e. touch or tackle.

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