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To develop good alignment with the cut-out pass and work on passing and catching technique.


One ball in each group.


Five in each group.


15m x 50–100m.


Players are arranged in a mini backline of five players. The ball is with the end player.


  1. The first pass is thrown as a cut-out from Player A to Player C.
  2. Player C then throws a short pass back inside to Player B.
  3. Player B then throws a cut-out pass to Player D, who in turn passes the ball back inside to Player C.
  4. Player C then throws a cut-out pass to Player E. When the ball reaches the end of the line, the end player throws a cut-out back to Player C.
  5. The drill continues back across the line.


• Players receiving the ball must accelerate onto it so that all other players are on side.
• Players being cut out should have their hands up and look as if they are receiving the ball.
• All players should always be in a position to receive the ball i.e. players must always be behind the ball.
• The speed of the ball through the hand is important.
• All players should work on running straight for the duration of the exercise.


The length of the pass can be increased or decreased depending on the skill level of the players.

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