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To practise giving a pass from the ground.


1-2 balls.


Four players.


8 x 8 metre grid.


  1. Players stand on the corner of the grid.
  2. A ball is placed on the ground behind one of the players.
  3. The player places their right foot beside the ball and throws a halfback pass to the left (anti-clockwise).
  4. The receivers place the ball in front of them.
  5. The passer runs to the ball and passes to the next receiver.
  6. This continues until the third receiver places the ball, at which point the passer throws a diagonal pass across the grid.
  7. The passer then returns to their original position.
  8. The last receiver then places the ball on the ground and begins the process himself or herself.


• Players should ensure that when passing to the right their right foot is pointing at the target. If the foot is not rotated outwards then hips are not rotated and the hand may hit the right knee when delivering the pass.
• Passes should be made in front of the receivers and not at them.
• Players’ hands should be spread on either side of the ball.
• The passing player must bent at the knees.


Increase the length and number of passes.

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