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Able to pick up a ball from the ground near an obstacle.


At least four tackle bags and four balls.


Any number of forwards.


15 x 20 metre grid.


Individually or in pairs. Set out the tackle bags five metres apart in a line and place a ball beside each tackle bag as shown in the diagram.


  1. On “go” the first player sprints forward, picks up the first ball and runs over the tackle bag.
  2. The player carries and places the ball by the second tackle bag, picks up the second ball, runs over the second tackle bag carrying the ball and places it beside the third tackle bag.
  3. The activity continues until the player reaches the last tackle bag. The player takes the ball from beside the last tackle bag and places it beside the first tackle bag.
  4. The second player runs forward and the drill continues until all players have completed the activities.


• Move forward into the ball, side on.
• Bend knees and present hard parts of body to opposition.
• Front foot past ball.
• Wide balanced base.
• Secure the ball with both hands.
• Assess and initiate continuity options.


Run in pairs with one player lifting and feeding the ball to the partner, who places the ball beside the next tackle bag.

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