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Rugby Toolbox Rewards

How to earn points and enter to win prizes

Welcome to Rugby Toolbox Rewards, where you can earn reward points simply by using Rugby Toolbox, then enter those points to win some great rewards. It's free to join, you just need to register your membership.

Register and Login
Use Rugby Toolbox
Earn Reward Points
Enter Points into Prize Draws

Once you’re a member, every time you login to Rugby Toolbox and use the tools available, you’ll earn reward points. Further down on this page you’ll see a table outlining all the ways you can earn reward points. We have a few rules in place to make it fair for everyone and you can find out about the rules in the Terms and Conditions.

We’ll show you your points balance in your membership profile page, and once you’re logged in, they'll display in the top right of screen. You can use these points to enter into the prize draws. Each point you enter is a chance to win so the more you enter, the more chances you’ll have to win. You choose which prizes you want to enter your reward points into.

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