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To practise contact situations and work on intensity training.


One cone, three tackle bags, three hit shields.


20 players.


20 x 20 metre grid.


Three groups arranged in a circle, each consisting of one tackle bag, one hit shield and two players (linked).


  1. The first player in line runs out and tackles the first tackle bag.
  2. The player gets quickly to their feet and drives into the first hit shield.
  3. The player then moves on and drives low into the two linked players.
  4. The player then moves onto the next group (bag, shield, players).
  5. The player completes three sets in one circuit with the coach setting the number of circuits for the players to complete.
  6. As soon as the first player has moved on to the second group the next player should start.


• Players must maintain good, low driving body positions.
• Strong leg drive should be emphasized.
• The shoulder should be the first point of contact when hitting into contact situations.
• The players linked together should make the driver work hard i.e. hold, wrestle.
• Players should help each other out by positive communication.

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