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Develop good technique and accuracy of the pass.


Up to six balls.


Three players for each ball.


10 x 22 meter grid.


  1. Place players into three groups. Groups A and B line up facing each other and Group C lines up as shown in the diagram.
  2. Groups A and B should be between 10 and 15 meters apart.
  3. The individual players of Groups A and B stand between five and 10 meters apart. Each player of Group A starts with a ball.


  1. Player 1 of Group C runs/jogs down between Groups A and B receiving passes from Group A and passing on to the players opposite in Group B.
  2. With the balls now with Group B, player 2 in Group C links a pass from Group B to Group A, player 3 in Group C then links a pass from Group A to Group B.
  3. When all players from Group C have gone through the drill, they run around the outside and join the end of Group C.
  4. The drill continues.


• The passer and receiver must communicate.
• Pass the ball in front of the receiver.
•. Receiver run straight.
• Demand accuracy from the passer.


  1. Arrange the players so two Group C players are running down the centre at one time.
  2. Vary the distance between Group A & B.

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