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To practice techniques with the side/front -on tackle and falling in the tackle. 


5 cones.


In a group of four.


4m x 2m.


There are three attackers, all on their knees. All positioned in a line about 2m apart. Defender, also on knees, is facing in the same direction as attackers, is 2m in front of attackers in line with middle defender. Middle attacker has a ball.


  1. On “go”, the ball is passed either left or right, or held! Only one pass can be made. 
  2. Defender turns to face attackers and tackles the attacker who is advancing with the ball and trying to get past the defender.

Key Coaching Points

  • Technique with confidence is the key to effective and safe tackling.
  • Watch and correct their technique.
  • Eyes are up, and the defender sights the hip area of the player to be tackled. The defender moves forward or sideways maintaining their view of the tackle region. They move their head behind the attacker for a side-on tackle and to the side of the attacker if the attacker is heading straight at the defender. As the head moves the defender moves forward off their knees to firmly plant the shoulder and thrust the arms through and around the attacker. Drive the knees upwards and squeeze the arms together forcing the attacker backwards or sideways.


  1. Do it standing.
  2. Introduce hit shields.

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