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Shield holders try to tag opponents in possession.


Eight tackle shields, four cones, and one ball.


8-10 players.


15 x 15 metre grid.


The group is divided into two teams. The players in one team all have tackle shields, the players in the second team are in possession of the ball.


  1. The aim of the game is to tag opponents whilst in possession of the ball.
  2. When this is achieved, the player with the ball is eliminated.
  3. Play resumes until all have been eliminated. Players may run with the ball and pass it.
  4. The coach may time how long it takes for one team to tag their opposition.


• Encourage players to support the players with the ball. The support players should work harder than the ball carrier.
• Communicate in both attack and defence.
• Passes should be aimed, not at the support but at the space into which the support is running.
• Support players should attempt to get themselves in the clear. Encourage support players to look for space and be aware of defenders.

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