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To promote talk and the use of space and overlap in defence.


Five balls, six cones.


12 players.


Half field - tryline to 22-meter line.


Six cones are lined up along the five meter line and the balls are placed in a pile under the goalposts. Players split into four defenders and eight attackers.


  1. One or two double-handed touches are allowed.
  2. The aim is to score a try on the cones earning 1, 2, or 3 points.
  3. The attacking team has two minutes to score as many tries as possible.
  4. If the ball is dropped, intercepted, a try scored, or the designated number of touches completed, the attacking team drops the ball and runs back to the start to begin with another ball.
  5. The referee sends the defenders around one of the markers whilst the attackers are retrieving their new ball.
  6. When the two minutes are up the teams change around.


• Promote communication among the defenders.
• Correct accurate passing among the attackers, drawing the defenders to promote the overlaps.

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