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To practise mauling, driving and passing ball.


One ball.


8 vs 8.


Within 22-metre area.


  1. The attacking group line up with the ball on their own goal-line.
  2. Their aim is to score at the opposition end by way of mauling, driving and passing.
  3. The defending side aims to drive the attackers back over their own goal-line.
  4. Once a try has been scored the teams reverse roles.
  5. Points are scored by the attacking team scoring a try or by the defending team driving the attackers back over their own line.


  1. No more than two attackers and one defender can be committed to any one-maul situation.
  2. No more than two passes can occur between each maul situation.
  3. The defending team cannot interfere with the ball.
  4. Normal offside rules apply.


• Players should remain in a low, balanced, driving position at all times.
• Rippers should hit the ball carrier front-on and make first contact with the shoulder.
• Rippers should establish drive before securing the ball.
• Defenders should concentrate on communication to ensure that all the attackers are defended at all times.


  1. Allow a set number of players to enter the maul from each side.
  2. Allow the defending side to compete for the ball.

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