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  1. Be ready early.
  2. Coordinate put-in.
  3. Communicate weight application.
  4. Choose best options.

Coaching Points


  • By being ready prior to the scrum engaging there is no delay in putting the ball in. This will reduce the risk of the front rows collapsing or our team losing our forward momentum.
  • Throw the ball in upon receiving the referees ok. Must co-ordinate put in with hooker.
  • This is essential for the push–feed–strike phases to be coordinated.
  • Once the ball is channelled through the scrum, the deliverer will move around to behind the No 8. At this stage, a decision will be made as to what option will be used to clear the ball.
  • If the deliverer is to clear the ball, the best position for this is on the right of the No 8.
  • Any pre-planned attack option will involve the deliverer.
  • In most cases the deliverer will be the halfback.


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