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Key Factors


  1. Bind together.
  2. Head enters between hooker and prop.
  3. Assume pushing position.
  4. Bind with props.
  5. Eyes open.
  6. Chin off chest.
  7. Hips below shoulders.
  8. Spine in line.
  9. Sight target.
  10. Push on engagement.
  11. Feet square when pushing.


Coaching Points


  • Bind around the body. As a general rule, the taller lock binds over the top of the shorter lock to ensure their shoulders and hips are square.
  • Either squat or kneel on the inside knee and come up into position against the buttocks of the props and hooker.
  • Throw the ball in upon receiving the referees ok. Must co-ordinate put in with hooker.
  • This is essential for the push – feed – strike phases to be coordinated.
  • Bind with the free arm on to the props between the legs and onto the waistband. This may be tightened by moving the hand across the waistband onto the inner hip.
  • Drive the front row into engagement and maintain the pressure.
  • Upon contact, feet shoulder-width apart and parallel.
  • Apply weight by sinking and straightening the knees.
  • Take small steps to maintain balance and apply pressure until ball is delivered.
  • The front rows must interlock (ear to ear) so that no player’s head is next to the head of a team-mate. Crouched and bound.


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