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  1. Bind firmly.
  2. Assume pushing position.
  3. Eyes open; chin off chest.
  4. Understand options.
  5. Scrum first, think about post-scrum option second.

Coaching Points


  • Ensure all loose forwards are bound onto scrum prior to engagement.
  • The loosehead flanker positions their feet to ensure the ball does not shoot out the side of the scrum.
  • The No 8 should channel the ball to their right. This may involve a change in the No 8’s positioning.
  • Develop delivery options for all circumstances including the scrum being pushed back.
  • For a quicker delivery option, pack No 8 between loosehead flanker and lock. (Not applicable below senior level according to the Domestic Safety Law Variation.)
  • After engaging the No 8 can make this movement as long as they have re-packed prior to the ball being fed into the scrum.


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