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Key Factors

  • Coordinate assembly.
  • Bind over props.
  • Eyes open.
  • Chin off chest.
  • Hips below shoulders.
  • Spine in line.
  • Sight target.
  • Crouch – Bind – Set.
  • Hook ball.


Coaching Points

  • The hooker must take the responsibility for the assembly of the scrum.
  • Bind firmly at the armpits over the props’ shoulders.
  • Players may choose the option of binding first and crouching, or crouching first then binding.
  • Coordination with the deliverer will allow the ball to be hooked then channelled between the legs of the loosehead.
  • Drive up into engagement from the crouched/bound position on referee’s call (same as props).
  • Few defensive hookers contest possession; common practice is to channel their strength into pushing to slow down the speed of the hook.


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