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To develop passing and support skills of players.


One ball.


16-20 players.


10 x 10 metre grid.


Two teams, both within grid area.


  1. All players must stay within the grid.
  2. The team with the ball runs around passing the ball to other members.
  3. Defending team is allowed to obstruct the player passing the ball or to intercept but there can be no contact and defenders must stay one arm's length away from the attackers.
  4. On the sound of the whistle, the player with the ball must get to another team member who rips away the ball.
  5. If a defender can get two hands on the ball before the attacking team, the ball is turned over.
  6. If the ball is dropped or an intercept occurs the ball is turned over.
  7. Play continues for two minutes at a time.


• Communication between players.
• Defenders should try and position themselves between the player with the ball and his passing options.
• Passes should be made into the space where the receiver is running.
• When ripping the ball, the support player should hit in with their shoulder and rip ball in a downward movement.


  1. Introduce two balls.
  2. On the whistle, the ball-carrier makes contact with a defender, goes to ground and the supporting player steps over and picks up the ball.

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