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Practise diving onto and cleanly retrieving a ball on the ground.


One ball.


Four players.


22m x 15m.


  1. Attacking players play walking soccer, dribbling the ball and passing from the start line towards the goal-line.
  2. To score, one of them must dive on and execute a clean retrieve of the ball over the try-line. It cannot be the player who dribbled it over the line.
  3. Attacking players may not dribble the ball directly over the try-line from anywhere beyond the 10m “FOUL LINE” - a line set-up 10m out from the try-line.
  4. Defender prevents a score by falling cleanly on the ball and regaining their feet, either in the field of play or over the tryline.
  5. If defender does this, they grubber kick the ball back towards the start line. Attackers regroup and the drill continues.
  6. Rotate players and keep the time short.


• Get to feet as quickly as possible
• Keep the ball close to your feet and under your head when dribbling
• Look for space to pass.
• Control!!!


  1. Introduce points.
  2. Play with more players.
  3. Vary the type of passes used.

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