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To improve ball retention skills.


One ball.


12 players (6 vs 6).


20 x 20 metre.


  1. Attacking team in possession has a set number of tackles to score a try. The opposition has to stop them scoring.
  2. Only one defender is allowed in each tackle situation.
  3. Only one attacking support player is allowed in each tackle situation to retrieve possession.
  4. No tackle is recorded if the player can pass immediately out of the tackle.
  5. If a standing tackle is made the support player must rip and feed.
  6. If a player is taken to ground the first support player must clean out the defender and a second player in picks up the ball.
  7. The defender can compete for possession.


• Communication between members of both teams, identifying tacklers and rippers.
• Tackles must be made correctly - head to the side, shoulder as the first point of contact, strong leg drive.

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