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To develop communication, movement into space and ball familiarisation.


10–12 cones to mark area, one ball.


Two even teams of 6–12 players.


15m x 15m.


Players are divided into two equal teams and positioned inside the grid area.


  1. The players in the team that have the ball must touch the ball on the ground then pass to a team member.
  2. Players in the opposing team have to intercept the ball from the team with the ball.
  3. Ball-carrier cannot move with the ball.
  4. Players are free to move within the boundary.
  5. The other team pressures the ball-carriers (one metre away) into bad passes, or try to intercept the ball.
  6. If the ball is intercepted or dropped, the other team becomes the passers.
  7. First team to complete 6–10 passes (or designated number) gets a point.
  8. Once a point is scored, the other team takes possession.
  9. The ball-carrier can't pass back or to a person who has just passed to them, and there is a three second limit on the time that the ball-carrier can hold the ball.


• The ball carrier should look for two or three options of teammates to pass to.
• Encourage players to communicate.
• Players should use all the area.


  1. Limit the type of passes that players are able to give eg no netball passes or overhead passes.
  2. Decrease the time that a player is able to hold the ball.

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