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To practise kicking and catching skills


One ball, four cones


18–20 players divided into two teams


50m x 50m


One team is the "batting" team whilst the other spreads out around the field. The cones are arranged into a grid formation 15-20 metres apart to act as bases.


  1. Members of the "batting" team kick the ball by any method out into the field and try and get as far around the bases as they can before the ball is returned to the cones.
  2. If the kick is caught, the player is out; if the ball is returned to a base before the player arrives, the player is out.
  3. When three players are out the teams swap.
  4. Runs are scored each time a player makes it home around all four bases.
  5. The number of innings is to be determined by the coach.


• Encourage a variety of kicking methods i.e. punts, grubbers to be used by players.
• Players in the field should position themselves where they can be involved in a passing movement back to top base.
• High balls should be called for by the fielding team.


  1. A set number of passes to be used to return the ball to the bases.
  2. Return the ball by kicking or a specific type of passing.

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