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OBJECTIVE: To work on driving through tackles.

EQUIPMENT: Four tackle bags.

GROUP SIZE: Any number.

AREA: 15 x 22 meter grid.

DRILL SET-UP:Four tackle bags are arranged in a line, each bag having two players holding it. The remaining players are grouped 5m back from the bags. The bags are each given a nominated number 1 - 4.


  1. A nominated player runs in to a specified bag, lifting the bag in the tackle and driving it down the field for 2-3 metres.
  2. The two players holding the bag offer resistance.
  3. The players are rotated throughout the drill.


• Head should be to the side with the shoulder as the first point of contact.
• Tacklers should drive from a low position.
• Encourage high knee action and short driving steps.


As one player’s drive comes to a halt a second player joins the drive with the two players binding and driving together.

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