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To practice tackling from a side-on approach.


Four cones.


6-7 players.


10 x 10 meter grid.


The tackler stands in the middle of the grid with three players lined up on cones A and B.


  1. The aim of the players at cone A is to pass through the grid and to run though to cone C, and for players at cone B to pass through the grid and run through to cone D.
  2. The player in the middle of the grid attempts to tackle alternating runners.
  3. As soon as the tackler stands up from making the tackle the next player from the opposite cone sets off.


• Tacklers should have their head to the side of the legs of the runner.
• Tacklers first contact must be with the shoulder.
• Tackler should focus on the shorts of the attacker.
• Arms should be tightened around the legs of the attacker to finish off the tackle.
• Next attacker should not leave until the tackler has stood up from the previous tackle.

VARIATIONS / PROGRESSION::Have attackers running with ball in hand.

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