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OBJECTIVE:  To simulate making a quick succession of tackles.

EQUIPMENT: Four hit shields.

GROUP SIZE: Eight players.

AREA:10 x 10 metre grid.

DRILL SET-UP: Four players each hold up a hit shield in a grid formation. The remaining players line up alongside one of the


  1. On 'go', the first tackler runs in and makes a tackle on the first shield.
  2. On completing the tackle, the player gets to their feet and quickly moves on to the second shield and makes a tackle.
  3. When the first tackler has completed the first tackle and moved on, the second tackler begins on the first shield.
  4. The process continues with the aim being for each tackler in the circuit trying to catch the tackler in front of them.


• Tackler should alternate the shoulder with which they hit the shield.
• Tackler should have their head to the side of the shield.
• Shoulder should be the first point of contact.
• Maintain low body position in the tackle.
• Emphasise strong leg drive through the tackle.
• Players should regain their feet as quickly as possible after making the tackle.


Add more shields into the drill to increase intensity of the drill.

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