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To kick ball accurately from a placed position on the ground in order to convert a try or score penalty goal.


  1. Lean the ball slightly forward to expose the “sweet spot”.
  2. Before moving back stand over the ball in the kicking position.
  3. Move back to a comfortable position.
  4. Concentrate on the “sweet spot”.
  5. Relax.
  6. Focus – use key words.
  7. Use imagery to picture the complete kick.
  8. Approach by running in an arc.
  9. Turn non-kicking shoulder side-on to target.
  10. Place non-kicking foot in line with target.
  11. Swing through strike zone.
  12. Keep head over ball.
  13. Make contact with top of instep.
  14. Rise onto the toes of the non-kicking foot.
  15. Follow straight through.
  16. Return to balanced stance.


  1. Lifting head.
  2. Leading shoulder to open.
  3. Non-kicking foot too far from ball.
  4. Poor follow-through.
  5. Unbalanced finishing position.

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