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To apply pressure and/or regain possession by kicking the ball along the ground into space just in behind the opposition defence line. To kick the ball into touch when outside 22m line.


  1. Hand position on ball.
  2. Point toe to ground.
  3. Body weight over top of ball.
  4. Place ball on foot.
  5. Push ball forward on to ground.
  6. Short stabbing motion.
  7. Follow kick through.


  1. Kicking too far.
  2. Spiralling the kick rather than end over end.
  3. Ball contacting the ground too far in front of kicker, i.e. more than 2 metres.
  4. Drop Kicking instead of Grubber Kicking.
  5. Kicking into opponent's legs.
  6. Toe upwards.

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