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OBJECTIVE:To improve players’ passing & receiving technique

EQUIPMENT:8–12 cones / One ball

GROUP SIZE:9 minimum – 25 maximum

AREA:10m x 10m (this will need to be extended with more players taking part in the drill)

DRILL SET-UP:Three teams of 3, 4 or 5 players. Set-up as shown in diagram.


  1. Group A runs towards Group B passing the ball laterally. The last player who receives the ball in Group A passes to the person in Group B.
  2. Group B runs towards Group C passing the ball.
  3. Group A lines up where Group B was originally stationed.
  4. The last person in Group B passes to the player in Group C.


  1. Move cones closer together to increase pressure.
  2. Two teams running in opposite directions if there are sufficient numbers (two balls can be used).
  3. Have a halfback feeding the ball to each team.
  4. Have an extra player coming into each backline with the opposition team acting as defenders.

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