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OBJECTIVE: Developing the fundamental skills of the basic lateral pass.

EQUIPMENT: One ball per group, cones.

GROUP SIZE: 5 - 8.

AREA: 5m x 15m.


  • Players are positioned along a straight line separated by around one arm’s length.
  • Players in the first three stages remain stationary.
  • Players simply swing the ball along the line to the next player, who simply reaches out to receive the ball.

Stage 2.

Now players separated by 1.5m pass the ball along the lines.

Stage 3

Increase the separation to about 3m.

Stage 4.

Lateral passing at a walking pace for about 30m.

Stage 5.

Lateral passing at jogging pace for about 30m.

Stage 6.

Lateral passing at running pace for about 30m (vary speeds).


• It is essential that players strive for smoothness and rhythm in all movements when performing these drills.
• Emphasize both passing and catching.


Use cut-out pass, lob pass, pop pass, etc.

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