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Objective: Kicking and passing

equipment: Ball, cones

group size: 10-20.

Area: 10m x 15m.

Drill set-up: Cones are 10m apart in a diamond shape like a softball or baseball set-up.

Drill explanation:

  1. On “Go”, Batter (kicker) kicks the ball and then runs around the bases.

  2. They keep running around bases until the ball is brought back to Homebase.

  3. Fielding team has to pass the ball to each member and get it to the home plate.

  4. If ball is caught on full it is out.

  5. If the ball is kicked in the ‘foul’ area it is out.

  6. Each homerun counts as one point to batting team.

Variations / progression:

  1. Count every base as a run.

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