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OBJECTIVE:To improve players' passing skills and reactions.


GROUP SIZE:Four players.

AREA:5m x 5m.

DRILL SET-UP:Four players inside grid area.


  1. Four players group together inside the grid area with one player nominated as the interceptor.
  2. The interceptor is to try and pressure the other players into making bad passes or dropping the ball.
  3. If the ball is dropped or intercepted, the player who made the error and the interceptor change roles and the drill continues.


• Accurate and correct passing techniques.
• Communication between players.
• Accuracy under pressure is the key to the drill.
• Attacking players not in possession of the ball must run into space.
• Passes should be aimed at the space into which the runner is running.


  1. Introduce a scoring system for the most number of passes made uninterrupted.
  2. Increase the number of interceptors.

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