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Objective: Evasion 

Equipment: 6-8 balls and two noodles

group size: 10.

Area: 15m x 10m.

Drill set-up: Players are spread throughout the grid; 2 have a noodle and the others have a ball.

Drill explanation:

  1. On “Go”, players with the noodles run around hitting others which makes them stop, stand on one leg a raise their hand to show they are caught. .

  2. Others continue to evade the noodles and free up those tagged by giving them a high five.

  3. Noodle carriers are trying to tag all before others are freed.

Variations / progression:

  1. Play Noodle tag 2

  2. To free up someone who has been tagged, pass them your ball and as they run off pick up their ball and continue freeing up others.

  3. Those tagged should rest their ball at base of their feet.

  4. Play Noodle tag 3

  5. This time the one who is tagged, goes to ground and places ball as you would in a tackle, then get up and continue with the evasion.

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