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Objective: Contact, evasion and space

equipment: 1 ball, hit shields

group size: 10.

Area: 15m x 10m.

Drill set-up: Players are partnered up numbered 1 to 5, 2 lines facing each other, with one ball at an end and a hit shield at the other end.

Drill explanation:

  1. Players face each other 10-15m apart with a ball down one end of the lines and a hit shield at the other.

  2. On the call of “a number” one side are the attackers and the others defenders.

  3. When a number is called, attacker runs, picks up ball and tries to score at opposite end. Defender runs to other end, grabs a hit shield and moves forward to defend.

  4. The objective is to score

  5. This is repeated with a different number and two players’ repeat activity.

Variations / progression:

  1. Two different numbers are called which gives the game 2 attackers vs 2 defenders.

  2. An extra hit shield is added.

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