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To practise presenting the ball and retrieving in tackle situation.


One ball per group.


7–8 players.


Length of field.


Defenders placed every 10–15 metres down the length of the field on their knees.


  1. The attacking team proceeds down the field.
  2. 1 is tackled by A and places the ball across the back of the defender with the attacker's body between the ball and the defence.
  3. 2 picks up the ball by placing one foot past the ball, picking up the ball and whilst still in a low, crouched position passes to 3.
  4. The group then interpass moving towards the next tackle situation where the process is repeated.


• The ball carrier should not just fall in the tackle but attempt to go as far as possible through the tackle before falling.
• As the ball carrier falls he should attempt to fall across the back of the tackler and turn so that his back is to the defenders.
• The player who picks up the ball should first step one foot past the ball.
• The screen pass is delivered from a low body height and the ball receiver drives on in a crouched position to the next tackle situation.

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