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To stop forward momentum of the ball-carrier. To regain possession of the ball.


Four cones and one ball.


Groups of 8.


5m x 5m.


  1. Attackers stand in line, facing defenders opposite.
  2. Attackers one at a time try to score a try on try-line.
  3. Defender does a side-on tackle to save the try.
  4. If successful, defender gets up quickly, gets the ball and gives it to next attacker.
  5. Drill continues, then roles are reversed.


• Position inside the ball carrier.
• Run in a crouch.
• Face up, eyes open, back straight.
• Sight the target.
• Drive with the legs to make firm contact with the shoulder on the target.
• Head behind ball carrier’s body e.g. cheek to cheek.
• Wrap with the arms around the ball carrier.
• Continue leg drive through to complete the tackle.
• Regain feet.
• Recover ball.

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