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Objective: Improve on fitness 

equipment: Cones, balls and hit shield

group size: Any number

Area: Grid big enough to fit number of players

drill set-up: Players spread out within the grid, three holding balls, coaches or extra players hold the shields.

Drill explanation:

  1. On “GO” players run around inside of grid.

  2. “Sweep” means they sweep the ground with one hand.

  3. “Roll” means they do a roll on the ground.

  4. “Crawl” they crawl along on the ground.

  5. “Link” they find a partner and get into a bound position.

  6. On “HIT” the ball carriers drive on the shields, go to ground, place the ball, then 2 players bind and drive through.

  7. In between each call they run without hitting into anybody.


Variations / progression:

  1. Increase the intensity

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