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Objective: Improve on fitness

equipment: Cones

group size: Any number

Area: Small area

drill set-up: A grid is made so each player stands in the middle of a grid and has 4 possible cones surrounding them.

Drill explanation:

  1. Players jog on the spot using short sharp steps.

  2. On “1” players quickly reach out and touch designated cone 1.

  3. On “3” players quickly reach out and touch designated cone 3.

  4. Numbers are called out all mixed up

Variations / progression:

  1. Increase the size of the grid

  2. On command “Hit” front players move forward and drive through hit shield waiting at end of grid – everyone moves up one part of the grid. (Fatigue 2)

  3. Fatigue 3 –add a ball and first player takes the ball up to hit and following two drive through linked


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