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The types of throwing-in will vary at this level because of the strength and size of the individual executing this skill. Use an underarm throw for younger players or the conventional overhead throw for more capable players. (Reducing the 5m lines to 3m also helps).

The skill of throwing, while unique to each individual, should, to be successful, demonstrate the following key factors:


  1. Fingers spread on the ball.
  2. Ball held directly above the head.
  3. Push elbows forward.
  4. Power to come from wrist and forearm.
  5. Follow through.


  1. Fingers spread on the ball.
  2. Ball held down by thighs.
  3. Push elbows outwards and lean slightly forward.
  4. Power comes from swinging motion from waist and arms.
  5. Follow through.


  1. Timing is out.
  2. Misread call.
  3. Arm action affecting ball's flight.

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