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Ball on ground. One or more players from each team on their feet in physical contact over the ball (minimum number 2).


To engage and group opposition. To move forward. To present quick ball to continue attack.


  1. Additional Support Players
  2. Identify role, sight target area.
  3. Approach ruck from depth, parallel to touchline.
  4. Bind with teammates onto opposition.
  5. Drive forward past the ball.
  6. Use feet to ruck ball clear of congestion.
  7. Stay on feet at all times.


  1. Players joining from the side.
  2. Poor ball placement by ball-carrier.
  3. Poor position of ball-carrier on ground.
  4. Players arriving too late.
  5. Support players not understanding options.
  6. Players falling over because of unstable leg and feet positions and not binding with teammates.
  7. Players diving into ruck.
  8. Players attempting to pick up ball while it is still in the ruck.

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