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To provide protection of ball and initiate drive or other attacking options.


  1. Awareness of likely kick options.
  2. Communicate direction of kick.
  3. Recover deflected ball.
  4. Drive on ball if taken cleanly.
  5. Be prepared to create an attacking option.
  6. Exercise the best available option.


  1. Standing flat footed.
  2. Not initiating drive.
  3. Not exercising best option available.
    • Kick Restart Options.
    • Examples of restart variations could be:
      1. Split-field kicks, ie half forward pack on each side of field. Kick to your perceived advantage.
      2. Short kick to loose forward on the full or along the ground (applies to 22m drop-out).
      3. Short tap over the line to retrieve ball immediately (applies to 22m drop-out).

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