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To regain possession or gain territory by kicking off accurately and applying pressure.


  1. Communicate intentions of kick.
  2. Accurate kick.
  3. Apply pressure.
  4. Contest possession.
  5. Regain possession.


  1. Not communicating option.
  2. Poor kicking technique resulting in poor execution.
  3. Chasers taking eyes off ball.
  4. Lack of effort by chasers.
  5. Not chasing long kicks in a line to shut down counterattack options.
  6. If the ball is caught they will land in a strong position protecting the ball. If the ball is deflected it probably won't be knocked forward and teammates will be able to recover it.
  7. The kicker should kick the ball high enough so that:
    • Chasers have time to catch or deflect.
    • Fast chasers can apply maximum pressure to a long kick.

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