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Put into practice a range of kicking skills.


One ball.


A  team.


The field.


Groups advance only by kicking within the following rules:

  1. The ball is kicked off from halfway as in a normal game.
  2. If the ball is caught on the full, the catcher may advance 10 metres before kicking the ball again.
  3. If the ball is dropped, the kicking team moves up to this mark and retains possession.
  4. If the ball is recovered, but not caught, the next kick is made from the point of recovery.

When the ball goes into touch on the full:

  1. If kicked from behind the 22-metre line the non-kicking team restarts play 15 metres infield from where the kick went into touch.
  2. If kicked from in front of the 22-metre line the non-kicking team restarts play at the point where the original kick was taken.

Points are scored by:

  1. Punting the ball between the goalposts - one point.
  2. Drop-kicking the ball between the goalposts - three points.


• Players must kick for space.
• Reinforce kicking and catching skills.


  1. Add in a given number of passes that must be made before kicking.
  2. Add a second ball.
  3. With young players, a point may be scored when the ball is kicked across the tryline.
  4. If you have fewer players, a smaller area is suitable.

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