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To practise contact situations.


Four tackle bags, four hit shields, four tackle suits, one ball, and two cones.


16 players.


20 x 20 metre grid.


  1. Four players work up and down the channel, passing the ball.
  2. On the coach's command the ball is placed on the ground and the players each drive into a hit shield.
  3. After being driven back to the cones, the shield holders drop their shields and sprint across the channel and hit the tackle bags.
  4. After the tackle is made, the bag holders secure the grounded ball and attack as a unit into the suited players.
  5. Suited players stay for a set number of attacks while the other groups of four continue through the sequence to the various positions.


• Players should maintain low body positions when driving into targets.
• Shoulder should be the first point of contact.
• Strong leg drive should be emphasized.

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