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To develop correct alignment, depth, speed and angles.


One ball, four cones.


Up to six players in each group.


20 x 20 metre grid.


Set-up the cones and ball with up to six players lining out from Cone 1 as shown in the diagram.


  1. On the coach's call the ball is passed along the backline. The players must complete the passing before they reach the line of the grid, and the final player must receive the pass inside Cone 2.
  2. The final ball-carrier places the ball at Cone 2.
  3. The players re-align “on” Cone 2 as shown in the diagram, and they repeat the passing drill attacking the line.
  4. Once this has been completed, the players realign on Cone 3 and then on Cone 4, repeating the passing drill from each Cone. The players must rest after completing one circuit or, if desired, they can continue the drill.


• The backline formation is dependent on the handling ability and running speed of the players and also the phase of play.
• Players should run straight to commit the opposition. This creates space.
• Players should be:
a. deep enough to pass the ball through the hands to space.
b. close enough to opposition to keep defence committed.
c. able to maintain appropriate depth throughout the movement.


  1. Introduce a penetrating player from each backline movement. This player may enter between any of the passing players or outside the final ball-carrier.
  2. The penetrating player runs the outer line of the grid. There should be a penetrating player for each passing sequence.
  3. Add defenders to the exercise.
  4. Same drill inside the grid.

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