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OBJECTIVE:Practice the draw and pass or dummy.

EQUIPMENT:One ball per two attackers.

GROUP SIZE:3 - 4 defenders / 10 - 12 attackers.

AREA:7 x 20 meter grid.


  1. Two attackers run up the grid with the ball.
  2. Defenders are placed every five meters but can only move sideways - not forwards or backwards.
  3. The attacker's aim is to score at the other end.
  4. The attackers and the defenders swap positions after the attackers have been up and down the channel twice.


• Players should run straight with the ball.
• Players should pass the ball out in front of the receiver for the receiver to run on to.
• The ball carrier should attempt to get defenders to move laterally away from where the pass is intended.
• Support players should run at gaps and not at the defenders.
• Ball carriers should always run with the ball in two hands to keep all options open and to confuse the defence.
• Support players should accelerate onto the ball to get past the laterally moving defender.
• Use dummy pass if needed.


  1. Defenders move forward or back to put pressure on the defenders.
  2. Decrease the grid size to give the attackers less time and space.

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