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OBJECTIVE: To practice beating a defender as a pair.

EQUIPMENT: One ball per group.

GROUP SIZE: Four players.

AREA: 10 x 10 meter grid.


  1. The feeder A passes to B.
  2. B or C must then between them score by beating D – no kicking.
  3. The attackers can beat their opponent by passing or evading.
  4. Starting positions to be varied by both the attackers and the defenders.
  5. Opponent to be conditioned to defend as appropriate i.e. touch or tackle.
  6. Repeat for the first pair as necessary.


• The player with the ball must run straight and take the defender to the side opposite to where the support is.
• The ball should be passed out in front of the receiver.
• Support players should surge onto the ball to get past the sliding defender.
• Defenders should attempt to isolate the ball carrier from their support.
• Defenders should attempt to get the ball carrier to pass early so that they can move on to the new receiver creating a one-on-one situation.


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