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Experimental DSLVs


New Zealand Rugby (NZR) is focused on creating a safer game that participants love to play.

Three game innovations (EDSLVs) will be trialed in the 2023 community rugby season, aimed at improving player safety and flow of the game.

These game innovations were developed by NZR through a series of successful trials in Provincial Union competitions throughout the 2022 season, following an in-depth assessment which took into consideration game footage, key metrics and participant feedback.

2023 community rugby game innovations

  1. Reduced tackle height to below the sternum targeting the tummy area

  2. Halfback not in possession of the ball - offside at scrum

  3. Maximum 1.5 metre scrum push 

Regarding the 2022 scrum resets and contesting of the high ball. Neither of these EDLSVs achieved the intended outcomes and there was limited perceived value in continuing these.