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Breakdown 2020

The breakdown and space are two key areas in Super Rugby Aotearoa, that will also be in community rugby.

The existing laws at the breakdown will be applied more strictly to create faster attacking ball and a fairer contest. This should create a contest that is faster, fairer, safer and easier to understand. The laws of the game aren't changing, it's about how they are refereed.

The key focal points for referees at the breakdown are summarised below:

  • Ball carriers will be allowed only one dynamic movement after being tackled.
  • Crawling, or any secondary movement other than placing or passing will be penalised.
  • Tacklers will be expected to roll away immediately in the direction of the side-line. This will be a referee’s “number one priority” at the tackle.
  • There will be "extra focus” on the offside line with defenders expected to be “clearly” onside to provide attacking teams more space.