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Rugby 101

Rugby football is a game derived from football at Rugby School in England in 1823 and is now played throughout the world. It is a team game, 15 players per side, played on a field not exceeding 100m x 70m, with an oval ball which may be kicked, carried and passed. Each team defends one half of the field, both halves being separated by the half-way line. The object of the game, which is played for a maximum of 80 minutes, is for each team to transfer the ball downfield and ground the ball over the opponent's goal-line to score a try (five points).

This entitles the scoring side to kick at goal from a position on the field of play immediately opposite the point at which the ball was grounded. If the ball is kicked over the bar and between the posts, the try is said to have been converted and an extra two points are scored. Points may also be scored from penalty kicks, awarded for an infringement by the opposing team, and by dropped goals, in which the ball must be bounced before being kicked over the bar (three points).

The ball may not be passed forward to a team member. A forward pass is an infringement and results in a scrum.