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To develop players' tap and pass skills.


1 ball per line


4 -5 in each group


5m x 15m


  1. Players are positioned along a straight line two arm's length apart.
  2. Players simply tap and pass the ball along to the next player, who simply reaches out to receive the ball, puts it on the ground and repeats the tap and pass along to the next player. Player at the end of the line puts it down next to the cone.
  3. Now players run to the next formed line and repeat the drill.
  4. Next group of 4-5 run out and start drill using ball put down by first group.
  5. Players return to start by running outside the grid back to the start.


  1. Players can move to next line as soon as they have tapped and passed.
  2. Spread players out more by making a bigger grid.

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