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To stop forward momentum of the ball-carrier. To regain possession of the ball.


  1. Sight target.
  2. Position inside the ball-carrier.
  3. Run in pre-tackle stance. (Sink hips, upper body leaning into contact.)
  4. Chin up, eyes open, back straight, hands above hips, and go forward.
  5. Zero in on target.
  6. Drive with the legs to make firm contact with the shoulder on the target.
  7. Head behind ball-carriers body e.g. cheek to cheek.
  8. Lock on with the arms around the ball-carrier.
  9. Continue power drive through to complete the tackle.
  10. Regain feet.
  11. Recover ball.


  1. Waiting for the ball-carrier to come to you.
  2. Eyes closed.
  3. Head down, and on wrong side, or in front.
  4. Diving into a tackle i.e. front-on, feet leaving the ground.
  5. Not using arms to wrap.
  6. Lack of urgency to regain feet.

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