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OBJECTIVE: To improve players’ evasive running and tackling

EQUIPMENT: 10-16 cones to mark area

GROUP SIZE: 16-26 players

AREA: 20 x 20 meter grid or larger

DRILL SET-UP: Players line up on one side of the grid, with one player selected as the defender in the middle


  1. On the coach’s call, players must run from one line to the opposite line without being tackled by the selected defender.
  2. Once tackled, that player joins the defending team.
  3. This continues until the last attacking player is declared the winner.
  4. No more than one defender at a time should attempt to tackle any one player.


• All tackles should be made around the legs.
• When there is more than one defender, the defenders should nominate their chosen attacker prior to the rush.
• When tackling:
- head up, eyes on target
- the head should be placed to the side of the legs
- the shoulder should make first contact
- the arms should be wrapped tightly around the legs.

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